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30th-Apr-2006 07:57 pm

Majority of fics have been loaded to the Archive Of Our Own HERE for your choice of reading location. Individual alternate links will go up as I get a chance.

Stargate: Atlantis

Forty-Fathom Dreams
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, gen, Oct 2005, 150 words
Soon, they will rise.

(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/Ronon slash, NC-17, Ronon POV, Oct 2005, 4333 words
Ronon hated it, hated the wariness that Sheppard couldn’t hide from him, hated that he couldn’t remember what he’d done to cause it and that he couldn’t make amends and ease it until Sheppard told him.

(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/Ronon slash, NC-17, Sheppard POV, companion to Instinct, Oct 2005, 5919 words
John wriggled carefully out from under Ronon’s arm and crawled a few feet away as quietly as he could manage. That had certainly been… interesting. Yeah, interesting was a good, safe word for it. He’d stick with it until he felt a bit more capable of stringing some thoughts together.

Give a Little, Get a Little
(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/McKay, NC-17, Feb 2006, 2923 words
"The rest of the stuff we do isn’t good enough anymore, or does it just only count for you if you’re inside something? I mean, I knew you’d start to miss the hot alien priestess sex eventually but I thought we’d get past a few more months before you got bored."

Fall into a Dream
(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/McKay, NC-17, very mild kink, Apr 2006, 2931 words
“I… had this dream,” Rodney said softly, lifting his chin in determination, “and we, you… it was really hot,” he added in a rush. “And I thought, maybe, if you were okay with it…”

Taking Time
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, SGA/Doctor Who crossover, PG-13, May 2006, 8166 words
“Okay, fine,” John said. “So, Doctor: where did you come from and why are you here?” It didn’t really matter what he called himself as far as John was concerned, he just wanted to know if they were about to be invaded by cheerful Englishmen in blue police cubicles.
(stream-of-consciousness insane follow-up is here or here on AO3)

Making Amends
(livejournal) (AO3)
the obligatory "aliens make 'em do it" story, Sheppard/McKay, R, Jun 2006, 4139 words
“Defiler,” the man hissed and John automatically checked that Rodney wasn’t talking, touching anything or accidentally sitting on something sacred.

Five things that John did with his mouth, and what they did to Rodney
(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/McKay, NC-17, does exactly what it says on the tin, Nov 2006, 3299 words
i. talked
ii. licked
iii. kissed
iv. sucked
v. smiled

Six Ficlets
Written based on the following quotes, gen and slash, Jan 2007
1. "Know that there is nothing you may not learn, in putting yourself within the triangular webprints of the noble and courageous penguin."
2. "Oh, yes, I recognise you, now you’re stuttering again."
3. "Even very brief Anticipation is certainly always fatal to those inducing it in Mousebokses."
4. "The black to hide and the bright to show."
5. "You know I never was the social butterfly type."
6. "Twenty – that is a lot isn’t it?"

A Dangerous Desire, or McKay Makes a Match
(livejournal) (AO3)
A Novel of Romance by a Lady, Sheppard/McKay, Regency AU, R, Feb 2007, 48086 words
Rodney McKay, third and insignificant heir to an unimportant estate (and who cared anyway because it wasn’t like he had any interest in land) struggled against the hands holding him and shouted more muffled insults through the smelly bag that was currently over his head. Then he kicked hard in a likely direction and grinned smugly when he connected with something and heard a grunt of pain.

Naked Under These Clothes
(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/McKay, sga_genderfuck prompt "I like to feel... pretty... under my uniform", R, Mar 2007, 2798 words
Sometimes he’d just pull them out of the drawer and touch them for a bit and that would be enough, but things had been difficult lately, nothing disastrous but lots of unsatisfactory missions and frustrating situations. So this morning, instead of reaching for his usual boxers, he’d pulled them on instead, shivering a little at the velvety stroke of them over his legs.
Sequel is The Finest Clothes Beneath

(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/McKay, PG-13ish, Apr 2007, 3949 words
Rodney gets things wrong. A lot. Sheppard pines.

A Holiday Humour
(livejournal) (AO3)
Torchwood crossover, John Sheppard/Jack Harkness, NC-17, Jul 2007, 10922 words
(Also posted to vintagemilitary here)
He really was flirting with John. Geez, Jack was… well, he was like Rodney thought John was. Which just proved that Rodney was delusional because John was nowhere near this smooth. Of course, it also kind of disproved John’s dream theory, because he was fairly sure his subconscious could never have come up with Captain Jack Harkness by itself.

Rare and Tender is the Touch
(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/McKay, R, Oct 2007, 444 words
Most of the time when Rodney and John have sex, they're both too turned on to take it slow... but occasionally it goes differently.

100 Crossovers Challenge
An attempt to write 100 SGA crossovers, see crossovers100 for details. Ratings, pairings and genre will vary. Begun Jan 2008
Here, this is my insanity, let me show it to you...
Organised by prompt here.
Organised by title and fandom here.
Stats: 3 posted.
Fandoms so far: Torchwood, BtVS

The Finest Clothes Beneath
(livejournal) (AO3)
Sheppard/McKay, sequel to Naked Under These Clothes, NC-17, Jun 2008, 2219 words
Ever since the memorable day when he'd discovered that John Sheppard (a) sometimes liked to wear woman's panties and (b) was not at all averse to having sex with Rodney (and God, but those discoveries were becoming the most fulfilling of Rodney's life, despite all the scientific advances he'd also made) Rodney had possessed a sex life that would be the envy of any man.


First Night
(livejournal) (AO3)
Episode tag to "The Dragon's Call", gen, Sep 2008, 1275 words
Arthur was a completely selfish ass, and now Merlin apparently had to not only keep him alive to be a great king (some hope) but be his servant as a reward for saving the ass's life. Some reward; why couldn't King Uther have given Merlin a, a cake or something?
Destiny or not, this was going to be a disaster.

The Worst Servant
(livejournal) (AO3)
Drabble, gen, Oct 2008
Merlin was the worst servant Arthur had ever had.

And None But We Can Be Such Kings
(livejournal) (AO3)
Merlin/Arthur, first time, R, Oct 2008, 8694 words
They'd kissed. He and Arthur had kissed. And that was amazing and terrifying and completely insane, like a sheet of lightning from an empty blue sky.

Podfic by thisissirius - links to Mediafire and Megaupload links in the post and comments.
Banner by lastling and some more gorgeous art by helva2260

A Little Fire to Warm
(livejournal) (AO3)
Merlin/Arthur, PG-13, Nov 2008, 4088 words
Arthur looked so white now he was undressed and he still hadn't woken up, though he had made a few small noises. It was unnerving to see him unmoving and helpless like this.

Blue-eyed Death
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Secrets challenge, drabble, The Beginning of the End tag, Nov 2008
But his deeper secret, he can never confess.

Treason to Us
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Secrets challenge, Merlin/Arthur, PG-13, Nov 2008, 4688 words
Arthur snatched his sword up from the ground, rolled back onto his feet and lunged forward quickly to bring the point to Merlin's chest and keep him away. "Stay where you are," he said and Merlin stopped, his eyes going wide in panic.
Banner credit to prelusion
Podfic by thisissirius.

Passing the Test
(livejournal) (AO3)
Episode tag to "The Labyrinth of Gedref", gen, Dec 2008, 1580 words
Merlin stared down at Arthur and willed him to wake up so they could leave this place. Arthur being Arthur, though, his will had little effect and it was five minutes more before Arthur stirred and Merlin pulled his hand back from his throat hurriedly and held his breath.

The Evil We Make
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Bad Magic challenge, gen, Dec 2008, 335 words
So many dead by Uther's will if not his hands. He would pay a heavy price for that; Nimueh had sworn it by her blood and breath.

In Turning We Come Around Right
(livejournal - part one and part two) (AO3)
flashfiction, Transformation challenge, Merlin/Arthur, R, Jan 2009, 12923 words
"Arthur?" Merlin said, closing the door and then setting the tray on the table and taking a few steps nearer. "Is everything –" he began and cut himself off as Arthur stood up and turned around. "Arthur?" he squeaked, suddenly very glad that he'd put the tray down.

Fear Not, Fair Prince!
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Fairy Tales challenge, cracked AU, PG-13, Oct 2009, 7531 words
"My father is bedridden and dying slowly from a magical sickness, my charming new stepwitch is ruling my kingdom in his place, her son is usurping my right to the crown, I'm locked in a dungeon waiting to be killed and now I've been joined by a prattling magical idiot! Snippy is the least of what there's a need for!"

Winter's Trial
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Winter challenge, Merlin/Arthur, PG-13, Jan 2010, 8239 words
Frost glittered along the branches and delicate icicles hung down below them, seeming to thread and join between the trees in some places like weavings of glass. Arthur felt a cold chill shiver right down his spine as he looked and every instinct he had told him that though he could see no other presence, he was not in this place alone.

The Hobbit

All Joys Are Due
(livejournal) (AO3)
Bilbo/Thorin, R, PWP, Mar 2013, 4488 words
For the prompt "I would like to read a kinky smut scene were Bilbo is really vanilla (related to above, Hobbits are very proper folk even in bed, so they totally do it without the lights, etc, etc) but Dwarves are very passionate... and Bilbo LOVES it" (though it didn't turn out especially kinky...) Post BoFA, everybody lives!AU.


Four Ficlets
Written based on the following quotes, gen and slash, Jan 2007
1. "He offers us what he has and should not have and takes advantage of our tiredness, our weakness and our humanity."
2. "This is a very Freudian moment."
3. "For a long time I thought I would keep on this way, but the numbness faded and then I felt sad."
4. "Even if you were born out of place."

Silence of the Night
(livejournal) (AO3)
Gen, ficlet, set after "Countrycide". My entry in the International Fuzzy Bathrobe Day Challenge at 3daychallenge, Mar 2007, 1106 words
The irony of feeling safe due to the presence of someone he had previously accused of being a monster didn’t escape him, but then he had a new definition of monster now, and Jack no longer seemed to qualify.

Yesterday was But a Dream
(livejournal) (AO3)
Gen, set after "End of Days", spoilers for the Doctor Who ep "Last of the Time Lords", Jul 2007, 1114 words
What might have happened to the rest of Torchwood 3 during the year that never was.

A Holiday Humour
(livejournal) (AO3)
SGA crossover, Jack Harkness/John Sheppard, NC-17, Jul 2007, 10922 words
(Also posted to vintagemilitary here)
He really was flirting with John. Geez, Jack was… well, he was like Rodney thought John was. Which just proved that Rodney was delusional because John was nowhere near this smooth. Of course, it also kind of disproved John’s dream theory, because he was fairly sure his subconscious could never have come up with Captain Jack Harkness by itself.

Come On With the Rain
(livejournal) (AO3)
Jack/Ianto, PG-13, Sep 2008, 358 words
Ianto trudged alongside Jack in the downpour, shoulders hunched defensively against the drops and an unhappy expression on his face and maybe it was a silly thing for Jack to regret against everything else they'd lost, but he did anyway.

due South

Double Take
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Fraser/Kowalski, PG, Mar 2005, 580 words
On the bright side, Fraser had managed to insist that the dignity of the RCMP required more privacy than had been initially suggested. The tent at least spared him the embarrassment of an audience, though he had to admit that this had proved to be a decidedly mixed blessing.

(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Fraser/Kowalski, PG, Mar 2005, 1906 words
And while he was at it, damn their suspect to hell for deciding to come on a spiritual retreat right in the middle of a month-long surveillance operation. Like he suddenly needed self knowledge, or something? He wanted to be enlightened scum?

The Fine Art of Cartography
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Fraser/Kowalski, R, Apr 2005, 627 words
All his knowledge of the art, all the care and patience that Fraser has learned over the years, he uses now in mapping Ray. He intends to learn every landmark, every hidden path, every shift and change of this new territory.

The First Time
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, mild kink, Apr 2005, 980 words
He jumps up and paces for a while, trying to calm down, before turning back to Ben. Who’s looking a little anxious and pretty confused, like Ray has suddenly turned into a Martian or something. Which is actually fairly normal for the two of them (though mostly it’s Ray looking around for the little green men) but not really what he wants to see right now.

Watch and Learn
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Fraser/Kowalski, R, Apr 2005, 1278 words
Fraser was not as naïve as he knew most people generally assumed. He had seen pornographic materials before, both heterosexual and homosexual. Of course he had.

(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, drabble, gen, Apr 2005
He doesn’t know how Fraser keeps so clean.

Ray's Secret
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, Fraser/Kowalski, R, mild kink, May 2005
Ray gets almost to the bottom of the cup before two feelings of wrongness manage to worm past the sleep in his brain and swim into focus. One, Fraser’s speechifying on the fascinating properties of aloe vera has tailed off into silence, usually a sign of something hinky in the works. Two, and this is the one that’s screaming at him, Fraser is going through his laundry.

Hot and Bothered
(livejournal) (AO3)
Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, written for torakowalski, Jun 2005, 2377 words
It was the heat that did it, Fraser decided, the heat that had stripped him of his usual control and left him prey to wicked impulse.

For I Have Sinned
(livejournal) (AO3)
flashfiction, drabble, gen, Jul 2005
He is a sinner, black as his reputation is white.

(livejournal) (AO3)
Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, PWP, Jul 2005, 746 words
Fraser had wanted this for a long time, the chance to look his fill and explore his partner without being distracted by Ray’s touch, kiss or the way he moved and he was going to make the most of it.

It Takes Two
(livejournal) (AO3)
ficlet, gen, Dec 2005, 289 words
So maybe he couldn’t track a mongoose across an ice floe using three bits of twig and a tire iron, but give him bodies moving together and he was greatness, he was good at this.

Alley Cat
(livejournal) (AO3)
Fraser/Kowalski, PG, Dec 2005, 303 words
At the moment, however, he was relaxed in the type of boneless sprawl that could normally only be achieved by cats and the severely medicated.


A solitary drabble. My poor old fandom. Dec 2005

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